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Tree Removal & Stump Grinding Services in Erie, Pennsylvania

Dibble Tree Service, Inc offers tree removal services for clients looking get rid of large trees in Erie, Pennsylvania. Our tree removal company is fully-licensed and insured, and proud to be keeping Erie a beautiful place to live.

Tree Removal

Got a tree that needs to go? We can help! Dibble Tree Service, Inc specializes in large tree removal. When a tree is very old and dying, or damaged by storm weather, it can become dangerous. The last thing you want is a tree to fall on your property, causing damage.

Hire our tree removal services to eliminate the risk of a tree falling on you or your home. After the first initial phone call, we would send an employee to survey the damage and then remove the damaged tree. We have emergency tree removal services available. Also, we offer crane services and firewood.
Big Tree - Tree Removal Company in Erie, PA

Stump Removal

After removing a tree, you may want to get rid of the ugly stump left behind. Our team is fully equipped to handle even the toughest stumps with our stump machine. For our stump grinding services, we to go 6-8 inches below the ground and remove all roots.

Your lawn will look its best, mowing will become easier, and no one will trip once the stump is gone! Our stump grinding specialist, Joe Armstrong, has handled multiple jobs, and knows how to get the job done right the first time. We offer free estimates.

Tree Trimming

Just like we need a haircut every once in a while, it is healthy to trim your trees. We can trim the trees enough to remove areas you do not want shade, such as a pool area. This also protects your home from critters running from the branches onto your home. Our company also offers topping services, making your trees less prone to receive storm damage.
Truck - Tree Removal Company in Erie, PA
Tree Falling - Tree Removal Company in Erie, PA

Land Clearing

Having the equipment that we do allows us to offer a wide variety of services, such as land clearing. When you need some land cleared to build a home, or to open up your land for building or other purposes, we will come out and clear the land for your needs. We specialize in residential and commercial.
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